Can I Use Flat Iron After Shampooing my Hair

As per research of Dr. Kazmi Shah, a hair care specialist from United States, one should avoid use of hot hair styling tools right after taking bath or shampooing hairs. In addition he says, Do not shampoo you hair too frequently, give your hair some rest therefore it would be better to shampoo at every alternate day.

But still, if there is some party or meeting where you want to go in style or has to maintain elegance then you can use straightener which offers heat control temperature feature; like CHI G2. A tip to use Chi G2 straightener is to set temperature at 250 degrees, and then start moving your flat iron on curly hairs slowly from root to head to get rid of frizzes. Here are some tips on shampooing hair professionally to get them ready for hair straightener. chi g2 flat iron

Hair shampooing tips

  • Brush you hair with wide toothed hair brush or comb, before wetting your hair this action helps prevent tangles.
  • Thoroughly wet you hair and scalp.
  • Apply the shampoo to the hair by first pouring it into your hand and never directly. Apply with the hands and fingers, massage firmly in rotating and circular movements.
  • Rinse the hair and scalp carefully.
  • Carefully check the hair lines and make it sure that the dirt and shampoo has been removed from hair and scalp.
  • Dry the hair gently by squeezing out excess water and wrap your hair loosely in a clean towel. Avoid rubbing towel on wet hair. And then wait for 30 or so minutes, before using some good quality branded flat iron like CHI G2 get rid of curly hairs.